OC Innovations: Extraction cleaning, canopy cleaning and ductwork cleaning

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) statistics indicate that there are approximately 6,000 fires occurring in commercial kitchens throughout Britain each year many of these originating within the extraction system!

OC Innovations Ltd provide the highest standards of grease extraction cleaning in the UK ensuring all grease extract systems maintained by our accredited duct cleaning engineers are strictly maintained to the required TR19 standard expected by UK insurance companies for fire safety.

duct cleaning

Ductwork cleaning and canopy cleaning are a core service to our client base with OC Innovations delivering extraction cleaning nationwide to clients ranging from independent pubs through to multi-site national accounts for fast food chains.

duct cleaning

Grease extraction cleaning by OC Innovations is not simply partial canopy cleaning but full duct cleaning programs compliant with the essential TR19 specification. Our grease extraction cleaning programs ensure that the entire system is manually cleaned back to bare metal protecting our clients from expensive insurance or negligence claims.

OC Innovations reporting of grease extraction cleaning includes free detailed digital recording of photo evidence and micron readouts of the extraction cleaning captured onsite by our duct cleaning engineers via our bespoke reporting system which provides instant detailed reports for full TR19 compliance.

Every extraction cleaning job no matter how big or small includes the following as a minimum:

  • Canopy Cleaning

  • Fan and motor

  • Ductwork cleaning to bare metal

  • Installation of access hatches as required

Compliance and accountability:

  • Fully insured certification

  • Before and After photographs

  • Grease deposit micron readouts

  • On the spot detailed job sheet

Save costs and reduce your suppliers by combining your pest control service requirements with extraction system cleaning or kitchen deep cleaning for bottom line savings!