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Carbon Filters

Product Information

Carbon filtration is ideal for removing unpleasant or even dangerous odours and gases from a wide variety of sources. The ever increasing awareness of this problem from public health authorites and environmentalists has resulted in an increase in the use of the unique properties of activated carbon filtration. Carbon will adsorb chemical molecules in the airstream in varying degrees according to the type of cantaminant and the period of time the air remains resident in the carbon.

Activated Carbon in its loose granular form can present problems as there is a tendency to for the granules to abrade one another. This causes both settlement of the carbon creating potential bypass voids and produces carbon dust that can be reentrained into the air-stream. The unique bonding method eradicates these problems by producing a solid and stable biscuit of consistent quality and dimensional stability that produces an even resistance. Once formed the biscuits are bonded in ā€˜Vā€™ formation into a rigid galvanised steel casing.

Typical applications for carbon include

  • incoming air in industrial plants
  • airports
  • art galleries etc
  • outgoing air in kitchens
  • industrial processes
  • sewage plants etc
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