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Introduction to ESP

Electrostatic  Precipitators  or  ESPs  work  by  ionizing  and  trapping  grease  and  smoke  particles  onto  collector  plates.  They  have  a  high  particulate  removal  efficiency,  removing  sub-­‐micron  particles  as  much  as  99.5%.  Exhaust  air  flows  through  two  sets  of  ionizer  cells  and  collector  plates  to  ensure  maximum  efficiency.  A  significant  advantage  of  ESPs  is  the  low  pressure  drop  which  means  that  existing  fans  do  not  need  to  be  upgraded.

Three Stages of Filtration

  • Stage 1 : Media Pre-­‐filter designed to arrest small particulate (Grade EU4).
  • Stage 2 : Electrostatic collector removes sub-­‐micron particles such as smoke, grease particles and are 95% effective
  • Stage 3 : Aluminium Post-­‐filter
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