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OC3 Control Unit

Process Information

Oxidation using ozone and activated oxygen ions is used to treat odour emissions from commercial and industrial kitchen processes (DEFRA, 2005: Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems).

The OC3 has been specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens. The system injects ozone into the kitchen extraction canopy or associated duct work where it reacts with odours, which are oxidized in a chemical reaction, which results in the production of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The ozone itself is consumed during the process and is converted back into oxygen.

The benefits of purchasing an OC3 unit:

  • Compact, lightweight and quiet operation so is less obtrusive
  • Quick and easy low cost installation
  • Low capital and running costs – up to 50% less than traditional UVC systems
  • Injection into ductwork – adding negligible back pressure to the system so requiring less energy to push air through the air handling system. This means less ductwork modifications
  • The OC3 maintains efficiency as they remain outside of the air stream, they also require less maintenance and require less cleaning.
  • Tested to EN13725:2003, CE Approved

Technical Information

Ozone Output: 36g/hr ozone output
Housing dimensions: 300mm wide x 300mm length x 150mm height
Housing material: Stainless Steel powder coated white/grey
Duct work connection: 100mm circular
Volume flow rate in ductwork: Up to 3m3/s per unit, subject to cooking odours.
Air residence time inside chamber: >0.1 seconds
Pressure drop: N/A
Weight of unit: 5Kg approx.
Two individual Light Indicators: Green Power On / Green Ozone On
Electrical requirements: 240V / 1 ph / 50/60Hz
Power requirements: 168W
Safety: Built in Air pressure switch


It is recommended to locate the units with an injection point located closest to the source of odours (i.e. Canopy plenum or nearest accessible point on ductwork, in order to maximize dwell time. In any case the dwell time must be no less than 1 second.
The units in built air pressure switch is activated by the installation of the black three pined connector to the unit to the sensor lock connector.


An optional service contract is available which entails a yearly inspection of the unit.
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