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UVC Induct mini

Process Information

OC Innovations are proud to introduce the new, revolutionary InDuct UV-C unit (patent applied for) which allows the installation of UV-C ozone tubes within the contaminated air stream whilst ensuring the UV-C tubes do not come into contact with the grease laden contaminated air stream.

The UV tubes do not require cleaning, work at maximum efficiency for longer and require less maintenance than other in-duct mounted systems.

Advantages include:

  • Internally duct mounted UV-C tubes are able to offer excellent odour & grease reduction. The added effect of the intense ultra-violet light further oxidises the organic compounds ensuring a more effective odour & grease reduction.
  • When UV-C tubes are mounted directly in the contaminated air stream within the extract duct this ensures a “full width” dispersion of ozone across the air stream thereby increasing contact with the odour & grease molecules.
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