Veritech High Efficiency Grease filters are designed to capture oil and grease in cooking ranges. The filters are designed to capture up to 94.6% of grease particles, in comparison to 20-40% grease capture using the more traditional baffle-type filters.
By preventing grease and oil particles entering into the ductwork using a high efficiency primary grease filter, the number of ductwork cleans is significantly reduced along with downstream equipment maintenance.


The purpose of the Micron Filter is to stop oil and grease from entering into the extraction system. There are four stages to the operation:
Stage 1 – oil vapours condense on the large surface area of the filter coils as heat is transferred from the air.
Stage 2  – the air is spun into a vortex and the droplets of oil and grease continue in a straight line.
Stage 3 – the oil and grease particles then collide with the filter coils, and the oil-coated filter surface traps more oil and grease due to its enhanced viscosity.
Stage 4 – the oil and grease droplets simply settle due to gravity and are collected for recycling.

Benefits include

  • Significantly Reduces Duct cleaning requirements
  • Return on Investment in less than 12 months
  • Reduces fire risk
  • Simple to clean
Veritech grease Filter